Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Entry 3.4: Final Project - The Goonies

For the final project, I am going to interpret ‘The Goonies’ which is one of my favorite movies. As we learned in the class, I will find symbols, symbolic gestures and archetypes in the movie. I will also apply the hero’s journey, monomyth, to this movie. The setting and the plot also will be dealt with in the interpretation.
I am going to watch the movie during the Thanksgiving day and start writing out the research paper. 

< Outline Progress >
11/18 Preparatory research on the web
11/26 Watch ‘The Goonies’ and start writing out symbols and archetypes
12/2   Revise the research paper
12/9   Presentation/ Demos


  1. I approve:)
    I haven't watched the Goonies before so it should be interesting, and it should be easier than analyzing the animation..:P
    Please help comment on mines if you haven't.

  2. I approve! :) enjoy! working on ur favourites is always ton of fun!